Clothe the Senses

One Piece at a Time



Beyond Fashion, ntSkn is the Awakening of Clothing

ntSkn understands that there is an intensely spiritual bond with one's wardrobe- which is why our designs are more than aesthetically pleasing, they are a delight to feel against the skin. We bring together several sensory experiences into a single work of art for the wearer.

At ntSkn,  we are aware that everything we do has an impact on the environment. Though we have put in place internal processes to minimise carbon footprint, adhere to social responsibility frameworks to ensure our workers are protected,  this is not enough. We go further by ensuring that the only partners we work with, from suppliers to carriers, have also undergone this transformation of mentalities and are eager to improve the well being of all and protect and heal our environment.

We will be dropping our pieces one at a time in order for you to fully experience them and minimize their impact on this wonderfull world

Women Walking by the Sea


Suite 1, 5th Floor, City Reach
5 Greenwich View Place
E14 9NN


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